Our Services




STC can clean palm fronds, seeds & fruits without damaging the main tree or the surrounding environment. We can remove problem palms from any location; backyards to public spaces, bad access or congested locations.


Proactive pruning is the most common way to preserve the health of trees. Our certificated Arborists provide services such as weight reduction, canopy lift, deadwood removal and clearance pruning for access.


If a tree has to be removed due to damage, development or safety our qualified arborists can take care of it safely regardless of the size, location or hazards.


Stumps can be ground out in most locations and to the desired depth for replanting or lawn. We ‘Dial Before You Dig’ to make sure no underground services are damaged.


STC is experienced in land clearing and have worked for numerous commercial and private clients. We can clear land efficiently and cost effectively in order to make way for development. We also offer grinding and edge-of-road clearing.


STC offers a 24/7 emergency response service to commercial and private customers. We are experienced in storm clean up and ensure that our attitude to safety and offering ‘first class service at an honest price every time’ is never compromised.


Vegetation Management laws are in place throughout the various local councils. STC can advise if a permit is required and assist with the process.


STC can mulch vegetation material with our commercial wood chippers. Mulch can be left on site for use, transported to a destination of your choice or removed and recycled by us.