Tree Pruning


Proactive pruning is the most common way to preserve the health of trees.

Our certificated Arborists provide services such as weight reduction, canopy lift, deadwood removal and clearance pruning for access.

Our aim is to always try to preserve your trees and proactive pruning is a great way to ensure the trees health and minimise risk.

Our certified arborists will assess and discuss with you the options to improve the trees health, appearance and to minimise risk.

They will always prune to Australian Standards and leave your site clean and tidy.

We can access any tree, anywhere and ensure that the tree and surrounding environment are left unharmed.

We use various pruning techniques depending on the desired outcome. 

These include:

  • Removing deadwood which can be a significant risk
  • Clearance pruning to improve vehicle and pedestrian access or vision
  • Removal of tree branches that encroach property or service wires
  • Canopy lift or balance to improve the shape and structure of the tree

To access large trees we use either an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) or our climbing arborists can safely attend to the service required.